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Property Transfer Tax Exemptions

Welcome back! My last “blog” introduced you to the Property Transfer Tax (“PTT”) which is payable in most instances where there is a change to a property title. There are, however, exemptions to the payment of tax. Several common exemptions fall under the heading of “Family” exemptions. For instance, if a related individual transfers a […]

Tax Disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency

Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) during tax time can be stressful for taxpayers. However, tax debts can create a tremendous amount of stress for individual and corporate taxpayers alike. Sometimes tax debts create an unforeseen insolvency issue which requires a taxpayer to enlist the assistance of a bankruptcy trustee to file a consumer […]

CASL – Anti-spam Legislation

On July 1, 2017, the transition period ended for Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (“CASL” – pronounced ‘castle’) [1]. This means that businesses and individuals doing business in Canada should be CASL compliant though the entire act is not yet in order. For example, the private right’s provision for litigants to sue under CASL has been […]

Property Transfer Tax

If you have purchased a home in the past, you have likely heard of the “Property Transfer Tax” in British Columbia. But what is it? How is it calculated? In most situations, whenever there is a change to a property title, a property transfer tax will be charged by the provincial government. This includes acquiring […]

Enforcement of Money Judgments Act

To the chagrin of creditors – and delight of debtors – the civil enforcement process to collect debts can be time consuming, complicated and expensive. Creditors may discover that their efforts result in either no recovery or losses for the creditor seeking to enforce a debt or money judgment. Judgment creditors have a variety of […]

How do you plan for the future of a disabled child?

How do you plan for the future of a disabled child? There is a significant challenge with respect to estate planning for the benefit of dependents who are disabled. Leaving assets directly to them could adversely affect their eligibility for disability benefits and extended medical coverage. A key factor is knowing your child – you […]

Strata Foreclosures

In bad times – and sometimes in good times – strata owners fall behind on their monthly strata maintenance fees and these fees begin to pile up. Other times, special levies are costlier than owners can endure and go unpaid. Strata corporations are not without recourse and have powerful collection tools at their disposal. Under […]

Tax Debtors

One of the purposes and policy goals of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“BIA”) is to allow an honest but misfortunate debtors to be released from his or her crushing debts and to once again become a contributing member of society. Debtors must be both honest and misfortunate. Section 173 of the BIA set out […]