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We’re Hiring: Real Estate Lawyer

We currently have an exciting opportunity for a real estate/solicitor-focused lawyer to join our team. This position would be based out of our Pitt Meadows office with regular rotations to our Maple Ridge and Surrey locations. The successful candidate will have a passion for business development and will be eager to grow his or her […]


We’re Hiring: Civil Litigation Lawyer

Are you a civil litigation lawyer looking to grow your practice while taking an active role in shaping the future of a growing law firm? Peak Law Group LLP, a full-service law firm with offices in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Langley, and Surrey, is looking for a full-time general civil litigation lawyer to join our […]


Dying Dangerously: The Risks of Making a Homemade Will

We’ve all seen those homemade do-it-yourself will kits at the local bookstore: “Wills Made Easy! $19.99!” Why would you ever pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars when such a cheap option is staring at you from the bookstore shelf? Because your beneficiaries deserve better. Spending money on a will is not for your benefit. The […]

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What Am I Paying My Real Estate Lawyer For?

“Your realtor and your mortgage broker carry your home purchase (or sale) the first 200 yards. Your lawyer brings it home for the last 20 yards.” That’s paraphrasing a friend of mine, realtor David Smith, describing the role of a real estate (or “conveyancing”) lawyer. And, you know what? It’s true. By the time the […]


How Can I Write Someone Out of My Will (and, Should I)?

Writing someone out of your will is not usually a pleasant topic of conversation. Yet, in my dealings with estate planning clients, it’s not all that uncommon of a request – usually, parents are asking about either cutting a child out of their will entirely, or giving them a share that’s less than what their […]

Choosing and Working with a Lawyer: Six Tips

How do you pick a lawyer? How do you know if a lawyer is serving you well? There’s no shortage of choice in the marketplace. I thought I’d share with you some tips I have for choosing a lawyer and maintaining a healthy, rewarding business relationship. Whether you’re incorporating a business, buying a home, or […]


Why Should I Pay a Lawyer to Incorporate My Business?

When you decide that it’s time to incorporate your business, you’ll be faced with a choice: do you file the incorporation yourself, online? Or do you pay a lawyer to do it for you? For many people, this choice comes down to price. Yes, you will save money by incorporating your business yourself. You can’t […]

Do I Really Need My Employees to Sign Contracts?

“I trust my employees.” “I want to keep things casual.” “We don’t need policies and rules.” In the many discussions I’ve had with small business owners about the importance of having their employees sign employment agreements, these are common objections. Sometimes, the business owner will grudgingly admit the possible usefulness of such an agreement, but […]

BC’s new Franchises Act: What Rights Do BC’s New Laws Give You as a Buyer of a Franchise?

Potential and current buyers of franchises, or “franchisees”, now hold a position of power when negotiating with franchise owners, or “franchisors”, thanks to new laws that came into effect in British Columbia on February 1, 2017. The Franchises Act has strict requirements that franchisors must follow when offering their franchises for sale, with severe consequences […]