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Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Agreements

Beginning a new relationship or getting married is very exciting on one hand, but on the other hand is also the beginning of a broad spectrum of legal and financial implications along with rights and responsibilities. The question is, in the event of a breakdown of the relationship, how to protect your assets and save […]

Responsibility of the Step Parent to provide child support

BY KIRAN BRAR, APRIL 19, 2017 To what extent does the step parent owe responsibility to provide child support? This question is a big concern for many couples who want to be in a relationship, but are scared of stepping into the shoes of a parent for their step children. What is the definition of […]

Family Violence

BY KIRAN BRAR, MARCH 6, 2017 According to the statistics in the Canada Family Violence Report (2009), out of all victims accounted for in family violence, 87% are females; and the highest rates of harassment are in the age group between 25 – 34 years. Aboriginal people were three times more likely to be victims […]