Strata Legal Protection Plan

Cost-effective legal solutions for Strata Corporations.

Every Strata Corporation has the need for competent legal advisors. Unexpected legal issues can impose a significant non-budgeted strain on the finances of the Strata Corporation.

Non-lawyers supplying legal services expose the Strata Corporation and Strata Council to potential claims. Directors of Strata Corporations want to limit their personal liability as far as possible.

Most Strata Corporations have not updated their Bylaws, Rules, and internal procedures for years and these outdated documents may make enforcement extremely difficult.

We work with the Strata Council and Property Manager to address and overcome legal issues and conflict. Any actions taken by Directors in the fulfillment of the Strata Corporation’s mandate may cause conflict and should be avoided when possible.

Any form of enforcement of the Bylaws will cause tension and possible conflict between neighbours. The Strata Legal Protection Plan deflects the focus of this conflict leaving the Directors free to focus on the well-being of the Strata.

Strata Corporations require legal documents on an ongoing basis. Legal professionals must draft and reviewed these documents before signing. This presents a challenge as it may take time which, in certain circumstances, may not be available. The SLPP provides access to all legal documents on an ongoing basis.

The entire delinquent strata fee collection process is managed on the Strata Corporation’s behalf. The Strata’s Bylaws and Rules as well as all resolutions are drafted and maintained and thereafter reviewed on a yearly basis.

As an integral part of the SLPP the lawyers will:

The Strata Corporation will be assisted to implement, inter alia in the Bylaws of the Strata Corporation, a set of fines and special fees to be levied against the Owner directly. This will drastically reduce the cost to the Strata Corporation, specifically in relation to legal and quasi-legal actions.

Access to all Strata documents and resolutions is supplied through a secure Username and Password protected Online Portal. All requests and instructions may be directed through this channel. Copies of all the relevant Strata Corporation documentation will be stored centrally for easy reference. Paper copies are available at all times.

Benefits to the Strata:

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