Pricing for Legal Services

We strive to make our flat-fee pricing as transparent as possible. We are happy to provide online pricing information for a selection of our conveyancing, estate planning, and corporate services.

Not all of our services are predictable enough for us to offer quotes. For pricing for any other area of law or legal issue, including civil and commercial litigation, please contact us.

Residential Real Estate Conveyancing

Most conveyancing tasks are a predictable transfer of property between two parties. However, there can be complications such as second mortgages, tax deferment and multiple payouts to the parties involved. Below is our standard pricing of commonly ordered conveyancing services for residential properties.

DescriptionLegal feesApproximate all-in
One mortgage $995 $1,655
Cash (no mortgage) $895 $1,460
One mortgage discharge $895 $1,368
Clear title $795 $1,215
One mortgage discharge $925 $1,516
One discharge and a title change $995 $1,690
Second mortgage/line of credit registration $795 $1,333
Transmission to surviving joint tenant $450 $705
Drafting of Contract of Purchase and Sale $895 $1,015
Drafting Co-Ownership Agreement - Starting at: $895 $1,015
Dealing with Pre-sale Assignment for Purchase (fees in addition to regular purchase fees) $495 $554.40

"All-in" includes disbursements and taxes. Prices are subject to change and do not include third-party charges such as insurance binders and strata forms, but do include Land Title Office registration costs. Extra charges for additional debt payouts (ask for a quote). View all of our real estate and property legal services.

Personal Estate Planning

Estate planning usually involves 1 person or a spousal couple and grows in complexity with the need for supporting legal documents such a Power of Attorney (POA) or a Representation Agreement (RPA). Special legal documents for trust accounts or special dispensation for children can lead to additional legal fees. Your advisor will be happy to discuss the options with you for your unique situation.

DescriptionLegal feesApproximate all-in
1 Will $475 $562
2 Wills (Spousal) $775 $917
1 Power of Attorney (POA) OR Representation Agreement (RPA) $255 $297
2 POA or 2 RPA (Spousal) $355 $410
1 Codicil (we did not draft original will) $295 $361
2 Codicils (Spousal) $395 $491
1 Changes to Will (we did draft original will) $240 $299
2 Changes to Will (Spousal) $340 $430
Packages - Spousal
2 Wills, 2 POA, 2 RPA $1,100 $1,280
2 Wills, and 2 POA or 2 RPA $895 $1,050
2 POA and 2 RPA $525 $600
Packages - Single
1 Will, 1 POA, 1 RPA $850 $982
1 Will, and 1 POA or 1 RPA $635 $742
1 POA and 1 RPA $435 $499

"All-in" includes disbursements and taxes. Prices are subject to change. Extra charges may apply for complex estate plans. Not all packages have been listed. Contact us for details on other pricing packages. View all of our estate planning and probate legal services.

Corporate Services

Incorporation, amalgamation and dissolving companies are commonly ordered services. We are happy to provide our standard fixed costs for these service.  Please contact us for an initial free consultation or if you have a complicated legal matter on which you are seeking advice.

DescriptionLegal feesApproximate all-in
Incorporating a named company $950 $1,550
Incorporating a numbered company $895 $1,450
Restoring a BC Company $895 $1,475
Dissolving a BC Company $595 $720
Amalgamations $1,600 $1,870

Free review of corporate documentation for compliance issues if you would like us to take over as your company's registered & records office.

"All-in" includes disbursements and taxes. Prices for incorporations assume our standard share structure. Restorations and dissolutions do not include charges for filing overdue annual reports. View all of our business and commercial legal servies.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

The unpredictable nature of litigation means that we cannot provide fixed fee quotes. Please contact us for more information on how we price our litigation services.