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Dying Dangerously: The Risks of Making a Homemade Will

We’ve all seen those homemade do-it-yourself will kits at the local bookstore: “Wills Made Easy! $19.99!” Why would you ever pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars when such a cheap option is staring at you from the bookstore shelf? Because…

What Am I Paying My Real Estate Lawyer For?

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“Your realtor and your mortgage broker carry your home purchase (or sale) the first 200 yards. Your lawyer brings it home for the last 20 yards.” That’s paraphrasing a friend of mine, realtor David Smith, describing the role of a real…

How Can I Write Someone Out of My Will (and, Should I)?

Writing someone out of your will is not usually a pleasant topic of conversation. Yet, in my dealings with estate planning clients, it’s not all that uncommon of a request – usually, parents are asking about either cutting a child out of…

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