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Family Law

Not all disputes can (or should) be solved with litigation.

Mediation offers a more harmonious path to a resolution that works for all parties — and when it comes to family law, that’s what matters.

When partners separate there is a web of responsibilities to untangle, and what people need is a stress-free and low-cost process that helps both parties stay in control, especially if there are parental rights in play, or if you want to keep an amicable relationship beyond the separation.

Mediation is perfect for highly charged personal matters such as:

Mediation sessions will involve all parties meeting in a neutral location, and discussing ‘without prejudice’ — this means that everything that’s said cannot be used in a family court.

These sessions will be led by a mediator, whose role is different from that of a lawyer.

A mediator does not advocate for one party or provide legal advice, they simply guide the talks in an objective manner hoping to reach a settlement.

We believe in creating an open and safe environment for our mediation sessions, acknowledging the deeply personal and emotional nature of these proceedings and helping to guide both parties through the process.

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